This ''Magic Book'' is a treasure, a candy box.......I must say. â€‹Chapter after chapter the story gets more interesting and ''sweet'', even for an adult reader!!!  You cannot imagine how much I have learned and how much I have increased my vocabulary.  Of course I understand the meaning of the context. However, I did a lot to find the exact verb and the exact terms, so that I can explain the situation to the students.   I have translated about 15 chapters, but only the words that were harder.  All of the students and my friends who bought the book are very proud.  Someone had already started to read this 'treasure' and with the translation, it is a ''gift'' for THEM, from ME........By reading this book I have taught someone, verb tenses, comparatives and ''key words'' to ask a good question. It is a cute book to bring when I take care of my grandchildren Lili (9) and Cedric (6).  I am eager to tell the story to Lili, she is in the 3rd grade and she even learns English at school.  I am very excited about this find.....I repeat myself, it is a treasure, a nice discovery for the kids and .......older kids, like me, a grandmother of 74 years.  

Denise Felton, ESL Teacher

Montreal, Canada 

I enjoyed reading "A Magic Book and the Faerie Queen", the story was sweet, innocent, and adventurous. I gave the books to my nieces, because I knew they would enjoy the story.
Juana List
New Braunfels, Texas

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